Kitty On The Outside

Green Frog in Brown Wood
It’s a rare occasion when I really do something like this.
At my age, I suppose I could get away with something. I guess I am simply not old enough.
Several weeks ago, I happened to look out the rear window and saw a kitty walking across our backyard. Just a small idea sneaked into my mind. Maybe I could find some kitty treats and feed the kitty.
It isn’t that my wife doesn’t like kitties; she just does not like them on our property. However, my idea was, what if she doesn’t know?
I’ve always heard that what your spouse does not know can not hurt you. So, I put together a very sneaky strategy.
I moved and got a dish to the kitty in addition to a bag of kitty food. I truly thought I could pull this off.
On the back porch, I place the dish and stuffed it with kitty food. I pushed it to the side so you couldn’t see it in the window. I’m not an expert when it comes to sneaky, I am still an amateur.
A tiger like kitty had discovered that the dish and was feasting on the food. I knew I needed to take things slow. I didn’t want to frighten the kitty.
I kept this up for many days, quite proud of myself that I wasn’t caught yet. I believed there was an opportunity I would not get caught and I had been living on that opportunity.
Instantly I recognized the voice and had to be very careful so I didn’t trip up on anything.
“I am just enjoying the backyard scenery.
I sighed very deeply trusting I’d escaped being discovered.
Finally I had been getting to the point where I could open the door very carefully and the kitty wouldn’t get scared and run off. I was unable to pet it but that has been in my plans.
Then one night something else occurred that pleased me profoundly. Another kitty joined the rear porch kitty diner. I actually was thrilled, but I needed to keep myself calm because I didn’t want to give my secret away.
Around our house, keeping keys will not last long.
Everything was going fine until one night the kitty came into the porch glass door and began meowing. The knucklehead I am, I meowed back.
She heard me meow and said,”There better be a kitty on the porch!”
“I don’t need any old cat on our backyard”
I wanted to answer, but I did not.
“I hope you are not feeding it!”
Do I want to call a lawyer?
At this time, she went up into the door to open it so she could shoo the cat away and there on the inside of the doorway was the largest tree frog I’ve ever seen. When she saw that, she cried, the kitty ran and the frog jumped inside the property.
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage dance.
The more I tried to control my laughter that the louder it got.
Where’s my cell phone when I need it?
She ran, got a broom, came back and swept outside. I have not seen that frog since.
So, being in a feeling of humorous insanity, I said, and I almost regret saying it,”Which do you need?
She looked at me holding her broom in a really dangerous manner and eventually she broke down laughing.
Life is filled with choices. Some of our choices aren’t of our choosing. Sometimes it’s choosing the greater of the worse.
Since then we’ve had two kitties come to our backyard every evening to enjoy the kitty food I put out there in the kitty dish.
“What are you grinning at?”
“Nothing, I am just having a happy moment.”
“It better not have anything to do with this tree frog.”
It isn’t important if you’re a kitty or a frog only that God has chosen you. Live in that glory daily.

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