Gaming a Sport?

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The quantity of video game usage we see in society today is arguably inevitable. Mobile games such as; Candy Crush, Game of War, or Clash of Clans, record daily earnings in the millions, and a person is likely to recognize one or even all these game names. This exposure to gambling in everyday light appears to be bringing in a fresh and hidden era in gambling, where gaming can be viewed as a sport.

Ever since the first two individuals booted up”Pong” on the Atari 2600, gambling has been aggressive. When you consider it, playing a game of football and playing a video game are not all that distinct. The thing is always to win the game but the degree of competition and players from the game can differ. Growing up I played Call of Duty on a fairly competitive level but I had no idea how large the competitive gaming industry could grow to be. The growth in this industry can be traced to numerous factors. The monetary growth in the gaming sector has been incredible. The current stance that”nerd culture” has taken in the popular media through means like The Big Bang Theory. The push by those who genuinely enjoy gaming culture and wish to see it get a place in the limelight has brought gaming into everyday life for the general public.

So what’s causing video games to become a source of entertainment that individuals would watch from house like they’d football or soccer? Teams of five could play against one another and eliminate the competition as they moved towards the grand finals and the greatest prize of first location. While this was the fourth tournament of the kind hosted by the games creators, it was the first time it had been televised by ESPN 3. ESPN was happy so much by the outcome of the policy they agreed to follow up another year. It’s crazy to believe that over the next few years we might see coverage of video games on Sports Center. Unlike ESPN that’s only showing you articles on competitive gaming during big tournaments, streaming is available all of the time. Twitch TV being the most important site that comes to mind. Streaming sites allow content creators to reveal what’s happening live in their computers to audiences that can join in the dialogue with a chat group purpose as they watch their favourite steamers/players play live. The capacity for expansion through an avenue like this is monumental. Just think, you can see a TV show and talk with fellow fans of the series from all over the world with good ease, all while having the ability to communicate with content creators.

We know what’s bringing gaming to the sports stadium, but what’s keeping it out? Well it is simply not quite time for digital sports (E-Sports) to become a household name, at least not in america. South Korea may be an example of what’s to come regarding E-Sports in america. Say the name”Star Craft” and nine times out of ten, a Korean will understand what you’re referring to. The game Star Craft is almost a national past time of South Korea. So why has not gaming already become a huge business in the United States where the majority of these games have been made? Americans tend to like fast paced shooters, such as Call of Duty or Counter Strike, while Asian gamers have a tendency to favor strategic games like Star Craft or DOTA. Consider both genres as a way to an American football match. While the two genres have a well-defined purpose such as in soccer the strategic games feature approaches to offset movements of other players or their choice of how to move toward their target through tech choices or character options. In soccer, if the defense sends a blitz, you attempt to counter that blitz by getting the ball into a receiver who’s open, or run the ball in the opposite direction of the blitz. There’s no proper way to approach the defense’s strategy, and the crime can still make choices about the best way best to approach the circumstance. The exact same can’t be said about shooters, there simply is not enough depth in gameplay to provide watchers new ideas about how they could apply techniques used by professionals in their own gameplay.

Professional gambling is on its way to becoming a true sport in america. With air times on ESPN and throughout the popularization of gambling in everyday life within five or ten years we may see a great chunk of people walking around with E-sport’s team championships. As a result of trends of gambling in the U.S. it will probably take radical changes in gameplay to keep audiences watching and also to get more of the public interested, but it’s feasible. It will take the work of devoted fans of this game to push gaming farther into the public eye but from what we have observed in the past couple of years it’s apparent that gaming is going to be considered a game in the not too distant future.

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